Specialist in 3D drawings for horticulture: Horti 3D

A smart technical climate solution in greenhouse horticulture can be recognised not only by an innovative idea or technology, but also by the result. Horti 3D designs 3D greenhouse models and renders of all types of greenhouses around the world. We work with greenhouse builders, growers, consulting firms and building installation firms.

Projects services

Engineering of any greenhouse

Our technical draftsmen design 3D greenhouse models with complete engineering specifications. We use CAD and BIM programs such as REVIT to digitize any greenhouse. In addition, we provide a specification list of all required materials and instruction and assembly drawings.

Projects services

Fast & complete delivery of 3D drawings

After a brief intake interview, we get to work and deliver an initial drawing within 24 hours. With our bronze, silver, and gold formula, you’ll quickly work on a drawing that fits your project. On our 3D drawings, details are visible, and each greenhouse becomes visual and ensures fewer errors in the rollout of the project.

Projects services

Special installations & special projects

From water systems to airconditioning systems. We have been drawing greenhouses for 25 years and know better than anyone else how to draw in all systems anywhere in the world. From custom water units to extensive specialist per crop installations. from panels to switch and control cabinets. Complete drawings of your greenhouse project are in good hands with us.

Choose your 3D model



  • Nearly realistic 3D rendering of the greenhouse
  • Very complete layout
  • Perfect for total projects
  • All surfaces.




  • Detailled 3D drawing
  • Details furnished to specific crop level
  • Includes electricity, water and light solutions
  • Area from 2 tot 100 ha.




  • Standard straightforward 3D drawing
  • This can include technical areas; boiler rooms, water room
  • The drawing is a simple representation
  • Quick to deliver.

Your 3D BIM engineers of horticulture

At Horti 3D, our engineers and 3D draftsmen work daily to improve our 3D models and innovate our designs of greenhouses and horticultural projects. Our team provides complete engineering and has extensive experience in the horticultural industry. At Horti 3D, we believe it is important to move quickly and deliver quickly. Preferably within 48 hours!

Greenhouses all over the world

As an engineering and 3D firm in horticulture, we work daily for greenhouse projects in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. With our Dutch knowledge of greenhouses, we create drawings that are appropriate anywhere in the world. We have now been working for over 25 years with partners, greenhouse construction companies, installation companies from all over the world.

Greenhouse engineering

At Horti 3D, a top-notch team works on 3D engineering greenhouses. Our “greenhouse engineers” take care of both the design and construction process of a greenhouse and design it in detail in a 3D design of the greenhouse. We are a reliable partner for the engineering of your greenhouse.

Your greenhouse design ready in 48 hours

With our expertise, innovative designs, and customer-oriented approach, we provide high-quality 3D drawings of greenhouses personalized to our customer’s needs and requirements. When designing our greenhouses, we also value sustainability, environmental friendliness and strive to design energy efficient greenhouses.

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